måndag 8 februari 2010

En ny dag i SL

High up in sky under the 2 hearts I have my privat home and office. I start my days here as I go sleep here also.

I wake up , dress to new outit, well you can´t wear same dress two days, can you?

I go out sit at my favorit chair, with a cup RL coffie and start read all blogs, to see what I missed yesterday night. I feel relaxed. This is a new day in my Second life.

I just got an IM from Ewa in ABBA, Next ABBA show will be in Charlottes place the buetiful Beacon Hotel now 11 febr. My dear sweet Neibour Mopp say goodmorning as usually. It has been a ritual since month now. A shourt freindly Goodmorning. I like that.
Now the day can begin.

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