lördag 13 februari 2010

ojojoj tomorow is valentine in sweden

petgirl have worked hard, today i found her cleaning the dancefloor. after 14 hours cleaning she just paste out :-( poor girl she work so hard for all us swedish people in SL. but now is all ready clean floor, cuddle poses, danceballs ala vampi for poor singels as me :-) coupledances ala Annabella for those who want that, artists the best ones, swedish Wildstar Writer enter stage 11 AM SLT (20.00) Wildstar who play first time for us in second sweden i januari 09 and unfortunally I have only this you tube on him from his performans at my cafe in town second sweden

12PM SLT ( 21.00 ) will the fantastic profesional Brixton Canning enter the stage. He play an big diffrent type ofs song, this video give you a little hint on one of his style.

After will great DJs so come arly it will be crowded. Happy Valentine from me who hope I will find a dancepartner, as my teddy is sick and to nauty:-))

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