tisdag 23 februari 2010

look, listen and enjoy

HAve you not seen that movie I suggest you should its a nice true story of Johnny and June carter. and as a bonus you get a June in early days. :-)

måndag 22 februari 2010

OHHNoooooo!!! hahaha

Damn, I die of laugter, I should only fixed the floor OMG!!!
well, its just to start allover :-D!

fredag 19 februari 2010

Thanks Danny

Thanks for you to be there and thanks for your help.
I put in this Picture of us as we both like it much and it tell us something deep.


How come I start thinking about you Lill, when I see this picture :-)

torsdag 18 februari 2010

Spring is in the air

Oh I seen and felt the spring , she comes closer for each day. I saw a snowman where his head allready had melt.

the water rinning sound and smell of spring, smelled fresh, Mmmmm
The ice on the lake is gone.

I feel it in the air.. yeahhaaa!!! SPRING IS IN THE AIR, my heart felt lighter, my eyes sparkle gain & I start feeel happy inside again :-).
I have got my inspiration back. I keep the park and stay happy.

onsdag 17 februari 2010

Little paus music

my mood today maybe or all days. But I know Im not alone to feel this way . kiss & hug.

I stand at a crossroad, cant make up my mind.

söndag 14 februari 2010

jaha så va det över

Tack alla för kulkväll, även om den slutade lite tokigt. kramar min nalle o säger godnatt.


Tonight is the big swedish VALENTINESDAYS PARTY. Start 20.00 swedish time ( 11AM SLT) THEME RED as the color of LOVE! So DRESS in RED!!
Live artists Wildstar WRiter & Brixton Canning, Djs Contest Best in RED.
Petgirl has build this great platform for the BIG PARTY, right now it looks a bit empty, but 11AM SLT woow it gonne be crowded.


blåhallen o kit kat klub

Fantastiskt fint byggt och en otrolig show.. Bravo Jesper och Ewa och övriga i gruppen som skapade showen. Exellento!!!

lördag 13 februari 2010

ojojoj tomorow is valentine in sweden

petgirl have worked hard, today i found her cleaning the dancefloor. after 14 hours cleaning she just paste out :-( poor girl she work so hard for all us swedish people in SL. but now is all ready clean floor, cuddle poses, danceballs ala vampi for poor singels as me :-) coupledances ala Annabella for those who want that, artists the best ones, swedish Wildstar Writer enter stage 11 AM SLT (20.00) Wildstar who play first time for us in second sweden i januari 09 and unfortunally I have only this you tube on him from his performans at my cafe in town second sweden

12PM SLT ( 21.00 ) will the fantastic profesional Brixton Canning enter the stage. He play an big diffrent type ofs song, this video give you a little hint on one of his style.

After will great DJs so come arly it will be crowded. Happy Valentine from me who hope I will find a dancepartner, as my teddy is sick and to nauty:-))

torsdag 11 februari 2010


So fun this shows, so many people every time and many comes shows after shows.
It was a bit lag but I get some pic from a nice ABBA evening at charlotte Rhinos nice Beacon Hotel in SL.
If uou missed the show, here is some pics I wanne share with you. Hug you all ABBA lovers :-)

onsdag 10 februari 2010

Wensday night so great

Ohh the evening started with...its was a grand opening on OD a nice ballroom and I enjoy the music, dancing, company ( thanks Jan) and happy people in great ballroom to the honor of OD 4 years. Vampi thanks it was great I had a great time.
Than out looking for a artist good enough.. I went to the place who actually has many great artist and one of the best hostess in Sl ( Lizzy )at mango theater http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mango/69/52/27

here you allways get good music.
Thanks to this venue where Lizzy is Eventmanager I find one of the greatest. Thats what all gone enjoy on Valentinedays in sweden. still a secret. untill tomorrow :-)

Äntligen !!!!! :-)

Today I got what I needed.. A BIG PROBLEM! my days been so boring that I almost wanted to close cafe and go play som RP instead or leave SL for a while. But so this morbing I get a notecard.. WOW, that was first scary but I needed a problem for sure, I started direct to work on plan B, C, D, E now Im feel happy with a new task :-)) in middle of caos i prosper again.
In an artist calender notecard he write:
" Worry does not take the pain out of tomorrow; it merely takes the joy out of today.
Is nt that a great statement? So now I stop worry about to being worried or worry for stupid things in SL.

måndag 8 februari 2010

En ny dag i SL

High up in sky under the 2 hearts I have my privat home and office. I start my days here as I go sleep here also.

I wake up , dress to new outit, well you can´t wear same dress two days, can you?

I go out sit at my favorit chair, with a cup RL coffie and start read all blogs, to see what I missed yesterday night. I feel relaxed. This is a new day in my Second life.

I just got an IM from Ewa in ABBA, Next ABBA show will be in Charlottes place the buetiful Beacon Hotel now 11 febr. My dear sweet Neibour Mopp say goodmorning as usually. It has been a ritual since month now. A shourt freindly Goodmorning. I like that.
Now the day can begin.

lördag 6 februari 2010

onsdag 3 februari 2010

Veckan som gick i korthet.

Ja dxet började med ABBA där jag var host, fullt av glada folk och även massa norrmän :-). kul, sedan var det lite Rock på Odessa Bettys ställe, Lite dans på ett jazz ställe, lite kyla och kikar efter om man ska öppna ROAD CAFE?? njää. sedan Kändisar , Fika, jag och Esmeralda ... flinar. Hon är aldrig i Sverige dessutom ytterst sällan inne. Sedan en glad överraskning Mr Danny stod i parken onsdagmorgon. det vart ett glatt återseende och en dans i parken för gamla goa minnens skull. Täkn man kanske snatr får inspiration tillbaka och det uttråkade tillstånd jag befinner mig i försvinner. man vet aldrig vad morgondagen bjuder på :-). En sak vet jag som e kul imorgon det är att vara Host på ABBA på icehotel. Underbara människar jämt. Tack för den här veckan trots att det nog var den tristasted i mitt SL sedan juni 07. :-) men tack ni som lättade upp den ;-)

tisdag 2 februari 2010

Sooo Bored. sooo Tired.

I don´t know what to do, I need a change. Its so long to Valentine, I need to do some fun stuff now!! But what?? rebuild in my place? seperate to SL untill time for Valentine stuff?? go to sleep? Right now I feel helpless Bored.